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Dancing with Sparklers on the Summer Solstice

I'm so glad I chose to open Streetly Yoga Shala and share the longest day with a group of beautiful fellow yogis. We came together to embrace this defining point in the divine rhythm and cycle of life on Mother Earth. It was a super auspicious evening, which also happens to be International Yoga Day. We delved into the magical realm of yoga mythology with some wonderful sagas of the different Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Civilisations. There was some gentle stretching and movement with the Egyptian Sun Salutation. Some deep rest and relaxation with a yoga nidra and poetry. A sequence of hand mudras (gestures) designed to calm and centre the body and mind and we chanted the Gayatri mantra whilst lighting candles. This ancient vedic chant is associated with the potent energy of the Sun, but also invokes inner illumination, mental clarity, and wisdom. As we chanted, a subtle current of divine energy flowed through our inner beings, cleansing our intellect, mind and emotions. Harmonising and steadying our minds and establishing a sense of joy filled calm.

We ended the evening in ​joyful celebration around the fire pit dancing with sparklers and celebrating with chocolate. Each person left with a sun catcher to hang at home in remembrance of the evening and to catch more of our most magnificent sun's rays. As each person left, I could see their inner light shining brightly, shining like the star they were born to be, casting their unique light upon the earth.

It was amazing!

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