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Winter Wreath Making Workshops

christmas wreath hand made by julie on the winter wreath making workshop at Alison Foster Yoga

These workshops are the perfect way to ease into this winter’s seasonal spirit. With full guidance, if needed, from start to finish, you will create a natural, traditional, and beautiful moss-based wreath to take home. This is a lovely treat for yourself, a gift for a friend, or a great way to spend time with friends or family whilst making something gorgeous and truly unique. This will be a treasure to grace any home whilst knowing that it was sustainably made and fully compostable after use.

Julie's gorgeous wreath 2022

             Dates for Winter 2023

​This years workshops have now ended.  They were a huge success. Take a look at the Wreath Makers Gallery 2023:>



 If you want to be the first to hear about Wreath Making in 2024 and associated crafts click here:>

christmas wreath hand made in the winter wreath making workshop at Alison Foster Yoga
April's stunning creation 2022


Alison will guide you step by step through each stage. Firstly, showing you how to build a moss frame using local garden foraged materials. Then she’ll guide you through methods for decorating it using a selection of organised and prepared foliage and cuttings, pine cones, dried seed heads, floral wonders, paper ribbons and bows etc.

You’ll be nice and cosy in the garden yoga shala with the log fire blazing, unfloor heating, seasonal tunes playing in the background and festive drinks and nibbles aplenty.

hand made christmas wreaths at the winter wreath making workshop at Alison Foster Yoga

What is included:

A warm and friendly welcome.

An abundance of seasonal and festive locally sourced, sustainable foliage and seasonal trimmings.

An array of colourful string, ribbons and bows made from paper, jute, raffia, silk, cotton & hessian.

All tools and equipment.

A selection of seasonal drinks and nibbles.

Please do feel free to bring any extra ribbons, baubles, or other decorations if you wish to embellish your wreath with more.

natural materials for wreath making at the winter wreath making workshops at Alison Foster yoga

"It was wonderful. Exceeded expectations - the quality of materials and choice available was amazing. Superb instructions and demonstrations. I felt like I was in the hands of an expert. I never thought I would be able to make anything decent - I am not at all crafty or artistic. I really surprised myself and made a beautiful wreath!"

wreath making on the winter wreath making workshop at Alison Foster Yoga

Wreath Making in 2022

Jans handmade wreath
wreath making
handmade wreath
wreath making workshop at Alison Foster Yoga
amandas handmade wreath at Alsion Fosters wreath making workshop
handmade wreath
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