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Rest, Release & Restore

A Time for Self-Care

De-stress and restore the body and mind.

All sessions are on a Saturday Afternoon

2:15pm - 4:45pm (2½ hrs) with an investment of £30*

Book early to avoid disappointment

2nd March 2024 -sold out

27th April 2024  -sold out

15th June 2024

*Discounted Workshop Passes available.   

Join me for this restorative yoga session in my inviting Yoga Shala. Give yourself time and space to unwind, relax, recover and restore your body, mind and soul.  Using a restorative blend of deep breathing and restorative yoga poses which uses props (bolsters, blankets and cushions) to fully support the body, you will be gently guided into a state of deep relaxation. This practice allows your body to receive all the physiological benefits of yoga postures without the strain or effort of using muscles to hold you there.  This conscious relaxation gently leads your mind to a quiet space resulting in a profound sense of calm.


All spaces must be paid for in advance

"I'm not a yoga person. I've tried many times but I can't take it seriously or get bored. However, these sessions with Alison are like an out of body experience. It's like a mental MOT. I zone out, I fall asleep, I lose all track of time. I have no idea what is even happening in the rest of the room. Just perfect." 


"I "forgot" to think about my responsibilities for the whole session and even slept deeply that night. Thank you."


"So cosy and nurturing.  Entering the Shala to see it all laid out, just for us, set the mood for a personal and enveloping experience." Amanda

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