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A bit about Kirtan:

Kirtan events are a combination of music, spiritual connection, and community.   Kirtan involves singing/chanting. The chants are very simple and done mostly in a call-and-response style and we provide booklets with all the words in. We use a harmonium, guitar, drum and percussion. There are always some extra shakers and other instruments for participants to join in.  Alternatively, you are welcome to bring along your own percussion instruments.  Kirtan events at the Streetly Shala are a very relaxed, free flowing gathering where there are no expectations. You are free to experience it in your own way.

I love kirtan and regularly hold events at home, away and visit other events.

This was Guru Purnima 2022:  Honouring the Spiritual Teacher















I am also part of a kirtan duo called Joyful Heart Kirtan. Find out more about us here.

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