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The Next Kirtan:

Peace Kirtan.png

Streetly Yoga Shala
Sutton Coldfield
West Mids
B74 3HS

Sat 21st October 2023  7:15pm - 8:45pm
Regular ticket £8.50. Concessions £5.

Here's a snippet of the fabulous Kirtan in Belper 2020

Snippets of: Jaya Mata Kali & Shiva Shambo

(you might need to open up the screen & unmute the sound, depending on your devise)

"Om Tara, Tuttare, Ture, Swaha".

Tara is the mother of all Liberation, she offers us endless Divine Wisdom, freeing us from the chains of earthly suffering.

Read more about Tara here:>

Mantras for Empowerment

Immersing yourself in the healing and uplifting vibrational energy of kirtan can charge up your superpowers!

The ‘Songs of Yoga’ can empower us.

Mantras, or yogic chants, can be used for many reasons.

– Primarily, they make us feel good. But we can also apply their magic for specific purposes.

We will be immersing ourselves into chants that work in different ways, bringing empowerment to our bodies, hearts and minds.

You may be feeling 'dis-empowered' through:-

  • physical ailments.

  • self-doubt, insecurity & low self-esteem.

  • financial blocks.

  • low energy.

  • overwhelming anxiety.

  • mental health challenges.

  • Loneliness


When you join the collective kirtan experience you submerge yourself into the healing and uplifting vibrational energy. You can let the healing sounds of mantra embrace you, support you, lift you up and charge up your superpowers.

Celebrating the Winter Solstice
Thur 21st Dec 2023

6:45pm -8:45pm
Find out more about The Solstice Celebrations here: >

winter solstice celebration.png