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spine and harmonium


Yoga for a Healthy Back. 
A specifically focused practice for back care


This Programme also includes access to a range of short Back Care videos that you can do in the comfort of your own home allowing you to maintain healthy back care.



Next dates to be confirmed.

To register your interest

 contact me directly,

or use the links below.

Do you value a healthy back?

Discover how yoga can be a powerful healing tool for your body and mind.

You don't need to be suffering with a bad back to explore this programme! This session will help with flexibility and strength - which is key to keeping your back healthy. It's also a wonderful opportunity to take some time out for some well deserved self-care.


However, if like me you do suffer from back problems, these  sessions really will help. I have suffered with back problems for many years mainly through injury, but also wear and tear, so I know all too well how back pain can be completely debilitating. I also know how beneficial and important yoga has been in keeping my physical body flexible and strong. Do you experience back pain on a daily basis? or have a feeling of discomfort from time to time? 

In these sessions, you will be gently guided through simple and restful poses to release tension in the back and calm the nervous system as well as carefully guided strength-building poses for stability. You will discover the power of the breath and its effectiveness on the body and mind.  And, as mental tensions can be held in the body creating stress and pain, the session will end with a deep relaxation using sound to connect you to a deep sense of inner peace. 


All spaces must be paid for in advance.

"It was a very well organised and informative workshop. The explanations and demonstrations were very clear.  Alison showed a very good knowledge of the spine anatomy and demonstrated with a model. Her knowledge of yoga was excellent and her teaching style clear and easy to follow." Christine

The ambience & decor in the Shala was perfect for yoga. I enjoyed the whole session but my favourite bit was the relaxation at the end & the use of music sound vibration.” Kathryn

" Alison explained all moves and provided options to expand on your own personal practice.  Alison's awareness of the different levels of ability for each individual enables her to guide you so that you get the best out of your practice. She always has props to hand to make the session more comfortable, and is really good at recognising if a prop would make the position more achievable and is always on hand to show you how best to use it." Trina 

If you've got a few minutes, why not give this short sequence a try which can help you to maintain healthy back care.

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