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Om Tara Tutare Ture Swaha

Salutations to the Goddess who leads us out of Ignorance

Mantras awaken the heart. The sound vibrations trigger an energetic and dynamic process which allows a letting go of mechanical and repetitive thinking of the mind so you can connect to the present moment.

The emotions of the Heart are a sacred part of a human being. Chanting can channel this emotional energy to bring us back to The Source. It's a fast track to the Great Ocean of Pure Consciousness; The Universal Heart; The One; God.- whatever you want to name it as.

The different deities we chant to represent all the different aspects of our personalities, those places deep within us.

Tara is a Goddess in Hinduism, Buddhism, by the Druids, Romans, Fins and Ancient Americans both N&S.

Tara is The Mother God of all Liberation. Freeing us from limits on thought and behaviour, freeing/saving us from the different troubles we have to face in life.

Our biggest obstacle to overcome is our mind and she offers us the possibility to access more elevated levels of spirituality.

She offers endless Divine Wisdom, freeing us from the chains of earthly suffering. In Tibetan she represents compassion in action.

Her name means Star: the Polar star guiding us on the path of spiritual freedom.

There are many interpretations of chants and mantras.  One explanation below offers the variations of her name showing and representing the three progressive stages of salvation.

1. Tare/Tara: salvation from ordinary, worldly dangers and suffering. (accidents/flood/crime)

2. Tuttare: individual protection from spiritual dangers of greed, hatred and delusion which cause individual suffering.

3. Ture: deliverance into the path of personal enlightenment but to connect passionately with the suffering of others and strive to liberate them.

Swaha: is an offering
Soha: may this take root (in the Buddhist mantra)

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